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PostHeaderIcon The Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings- Going Public

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings- Going Public

With over 89% of international listings from more than 80 countries:

48% from North and South America

31% Europe Including Russia

15% Asia

6% Australia and Africa

Regardless of whether they decide in favor of an admission to trading in Entry Standard, of a cost-efficient listing in General Standard or utilize the additional benefits of Prime Standard: their shares are traded on a pan-European platform and attract the attention of national and international investors.

The company benefits from access to a equity capital, which is unending as far as the ability to create equity positions. This is inevitably an advantage of an IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Advantages of a listing at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange:

-Highest transparency standards in Europe

-High liquidity through trading on the Xetra® platform with an international network of market participants, Designated Sponsor function and low transaction costs

-Favorable listing fees and one of the fastest listing processes worldwide

-Visibility through inclusion in a selection index and allocation to a sector index via industry groups

-Access to professional support before and after the IPO through Deutsche Börse Listing Partners 

For extensive information on going public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, review the listings guide by clicking here

PostHeaderIcon Public Listings On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE Listings)

Why are companies actively seeking consultants for a public listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) is because of the ability to raise from 2 to 15+ million Euros immediately thereafter from European pension funds, hedge funds, selling groups and private investors.

The total amount that can be raised will be based on the valuation of the Company. The financing occurs very quickly after trading commences on the Exchange. European private and institutional funds are actively seeking investments in newly listed public companies, and the process is rapid as compared to other Designated Offshore Exchange (DOE) venues.

A Frankfurt exchange listing is the first step on the road to becoming a public company, with the opportunity to dual-list in the future, either in the U.S. or Dubai.

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits to a Frankfurt Exchange listing:

– Increased trading volume and market capitalization,
– Addition of new shareholders,
– Capital raising opportunities,
– Raise brand or services awareness,
– No restrictions on insider sales,
– Becoming a truly global player,
– Sometimes only 4 – 6 weeks from application to approval for trading,
– Low cost to value realized and low annual fees.

In addition, further fundraising is possible through the listing, depending on valuation level of the client company.

PostHeaderIcon Why the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Listings?

Why The Frankfurt Stock Exchange

In an international comparison, the Deutsche Börse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) remains the most attractive listing venue for companies aiming for an IPO. Current studies compare the world’s primary market activities and terms for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to the leading international exchanges. The study analyzes terms for IPOs on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and compares them with the stock exchanges Euronext, Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE), London Stock Exchange (LSE), NASDAQ und New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Almost every third listing of a company, which chose Deutsche Börse as a listing venue, was an Initial Public offering (IPO). This includes a first public offering of shares with an approved prospectus. Only 0.3 percent of all listed companies on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London had an IPO at this venue. Sector focus is key to selecting a listing venue for an IPO – especially for companies from the emerging markets.  The Deutsche Börse leads among companies whose business is in the alternative energies, high technology, chemical and industrial sectors. In alternative energies alone, 97.8 percent of the entire placed IPO volume has been placed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Another key criterion is the durability of a stock exchange listing.

Deutsche Börse clearly stands out in this respect:

No company with an IPO in Frankfurt between January 2001 and March 2008 has become insolvent. The percentage of insolvencies for Euronext is nearly three percent and for LSE more than five percent. The proportion of delistings is also correspondingly high. The percentage of delistings on LSE is more than ten percent, while at Euronext it is almost seven percent, with no delistings from HKSE or rnrnFrankfurt Stock Exchange during the period stated. For the period from January 1999 to March 2008, Deutsche Börse received top marks as a listing venue in a global comparison. Companies benefit from the lowest capital costs and the highest liquidity. Subjects of the examination included the costs of market access, the subsequent costs for further capital increases and liquidity.  Deutsche Börse’s Prime Standard and General Standard rank above the other “main markets”, with its Entry Standard also ranking above other alternative markets.

Today, with a total turnover of €5.2 trillion per year the Frankfurt Stock Exchange strengthens its position as the world’s 3rd largest trade-place for stocks and the world’s 2nd largest by market capitalization.

PostHeaderIcon Borsa Italiana – BIT Listings

Borsa Italiana is now part of the London Stock Exchange Group plc, Europe’s leading exchange group in cash equities with 48% of the FTSEurofirst 100 by market capitalisation and the most liquid order book by value and volume traded. Through MTS we provide Europe’s largest electronic government bond market and through Monte Titoli and CC&G, we offer the most efficient post trade services in the eurozone.


Situated at the heart of the world’s financial markets we attract more companies from all over the world than any other major exchange.

Please refer to London Stock Exchange Group web site for an overview of the Company, Board of Directors and Management. 

Group companies:


London Stock Exchange plc is the world’s most international stock exchange located at the heart of the world’s leading financial centre.
Core business areas include Issuer Services, Trading Services and Information Services.

Borsa Italiana  the Italian stock exchange, runs Italian equities and derivatives markets. Borsa Italiana organises and manages the Italian stock market with the participation of domestic and international brokers who operate in Italy or from abroad through remote membership, using a completely electronic trading system for the real-time execution of trades.

BIt Systems S.p.A. is responsible for the management, maintenance and development of the Group’s information systems. Moreover, it provides Information Technology consulting services to private and public operators, financial institutions and to the Exchange Industry.

Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia S.p.A. (CC&G) has the purpose  of guaranteeing  market integrity. CC&G’s presence eliminates the counterparty risk, becoming the guarantor of the final settlement of the contracts. CC&G manages the Central Counterparty Guarantee System on MTA, MTF, ETF Plus and IDEM markets, all regulated and managed by Borsa Italiana, and on the markets regulated and managed by MTS S.p.A. and Broker Tec with exclusive reference to Italian Government Bonds.

EDX London Limited offers a fresh customer-based approach, working to bring cash equity and derivatives markets closer together. EDX London specialises in Scandinavian and Russian equity derivatives.

FTSE International Limited is a world-leader in the creation and management of over 100,000 equity, bond and hedge fund indices. FTSE is an independent company owned by The Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange.

Monte Titoli S.p.A is the most efficient European provider of post-trading services and is the Italian Central Securities Depository for all Italian financial instruments currently centralised c/o the company, almost exclusively in dematerialised form. In support of the settlement services, Monte Titoli manages X-TRM, the daily matching service, and the Securities Lending Service.

Piazza Affari Gestione & Servizi S.p.A. (PAGS) provides facility and property management to guarantee the efficient operational management of Palazzo Mezzanotte, the historical location of the Exchange.  Moreover, Piazza Affari Gestione e Servizi manages the Congress and Training Centre, which is available not only to the financial community but also to any Italian or international company seeking a state-of-the-art structure, with advanced AV facilities, and is ideal for the organization of events, seminars, congresses and training activities.

Proquote Limited provides cost effective financial market software and real-time data services over the internet to a wide range of buy side, sell side, retail and private client market professionals.

Servizio Titoli S.p.A. provides listed companies with software, outsourcing services and advisory for all operational phases of the corporate secretary; Servizio Titoli has more than 130 customers and around 5 million managed shareholders.

Società per il Mercato dei Titoli di Stato S.p.A. (MTS) provides wholesale electronic trading of Italian government bonds and other types of fixed income securities. From its domestic roots in Italy, the group of MTS Companies has become the only genuine pan-European market for fixed income securities present in all eurozone countries.