FSE Listings Inc – Companies with Real Assets Welcome On The Frankfurt Stock Exchange and can Value their Company HIGHER by Going Public!

One of the key aspects of new companies listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is their ability to show that they have real assets. What are real assets, some examples:

  • Real Estate and Real Estate Projects
  • Firms that have an operating business that wants to expand by listing on the Frankfurt
  • Patented Technology, especially ones with prototypes
  • Proven revenue streams, such as subscriber bases, services or products sold that are proof of concept
  • Mining companies with near term or historical production
  • New Energy technologies with patents and prototypes
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Transportation businesses
  • Etc.

Anything where the asset has value. Most of the go public and equity capital partners you may meet don’t utilize a professional valuation team. Our firm uses the best professional valuation firms to give your firm the best chance of financing, highest value, and the least dilution so that you can maintain control and get the best value for your firm.

FSE Listings have proven over and over again that our process of valuation, listing, and financing, is the best process for a firm to follow. Companies get fair valuations, management advice, and a document that can be used in the process of attracting investment to your company.

Contact Info@fselistings.com for more information on why listing on the Frankfurt Exchange is a good choice for your firm!