GXG Capital Venture Europe PLC GXG – Another Successful GXG Market Reverse Takeover

As one of the leading firms on GXG Market takeovers, reverse mergers, and listings, we have successfully consulted the market making team in organizing their documentation and due diligence for successful reverse merger.

We congratulate Mr. Wee Guan Tan and consultant RST in the successful entry onto the GXG Markets.

GXG Market Companies for Sale
Currently we have 3 listed GXG shells for sale from companies who currently are seeking relisting their assets on the NYSE Euronext Markets utilizing our consultancy to upgrade their listing and raise capital.

Therefore, we can supply one of the three available companies for purchase for another successful reverse merger!

We are currently consulting on two new reverse mergers on the GXG markets, we hope you make the right choice in working with us if you would like to buy a GXG Shell Company.

In addition, if you would like to list on the NYSE Euronext markets, we will assist in taking you public.

Why do we have GXG shell companies for sale?
Our clients plan on moving from the GXG markets to the NYSE Euronext. We sell their GXG companies to a firm who can use it, and take the funds from the sale of the GXG company and apply it to their firm moving their assets to a fresh listing on the NYSE Euronext Markets. In addition, our broker dealer partner raises the required capital for our clients at a low 6% commission.

Contact us to buy a shell, sell a company, and go public!