Borsa Italiana Listings (member of the London Stock Exchange) primary objective is to ensure the development of its markets, maximizing their liquidity, transparency and competitiveness while pursuing high levels of efficiency. There have been many incentives set-up for lower and waived fee structures to ensure more members of the London Stock Exchange list on the BIT. However, many Italian companies are finding that the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Berlin Stock Exchange, and GXG Markets are the most attractive markets to list in.

The GXG Markets, which is a Global Exchange group, is probably the only true OTC Market left in the European Stock Exchanges and
allows for quick and easy listings of companies in 2-3 weeks.  For more information on the GXG Markets go to

The leading broker dealer for working with on the GXG Markets is IFXBG Limited ( in addition they dual list firms from BIT and LSE onto Frankfurt 2nd Quotation Board and Berlin Stock Exchange. Their contact information is (Listings Specialist)